About us

Our passion for animals and pets inspired us to create a memorial box for deceased pets, the PetMem® Box (Pet Memorial Box). A memorial box for you to put a small memory in, with a candle and a beautiful image where the memory remains long after the death of your beloved pet.

Why did we create this box? We know that many pet owners, including children grieve enormously when their loyal companion passes.
And rightly so, our sweet, loyal, cheerful friend is no longer around. Our boxes are ideal for storing a wonderful memory of your pet, for example, a piece of hair, or your pets favorite toy.

We offer beautiful generic images on the sleeves which go around the actual box. Our memorial boxes are lovingly made with images to suit every animal practice, animal hospital, animal crematorium and every home.

Our images are made to the very highest quality. Our tea lights are eco-sensitive and contain 0% aluminium (tea lights are optional).